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more rational Trentment especially is this the case I think with those

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ished to find how few patients care to take as much

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days and was given greater liberty in the selection of

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with the perfect union of a football eleven. In their

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soluble vitamine is found in the embryo rather than

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enty six millimetres. Examining the pulse pressure

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drinking of the water for the following conditions

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vided after his discharge from service with a course

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ably related at times to overactivity of the thyroid

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here ottered is founded on the writer s own clinical

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advised the use of emetine since because of the re

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ther observed but no attacks of hay fever or asthma were

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cles were made by cutting and bruising the tissues.

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That it is a mixed infection there is little doubt

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patient but the reduction of the fever in this crude

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postural tonic reflex with its centre located in the

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rent was gradually increased to eighty milliamperes.

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like cytoplasm in which when properly stained one or

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ing influx of foreign surgeons in the past few years

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transfer to fresh flasks or tubes containing c.c. sterile

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world as big as any five now existing in the United

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