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gastrointestinal tube and is directed only toward the
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those rays which strike the object and are reflected
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is evident therefore that in such cases steps should
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Sanitary Engineering George S. Webster of Philadelphia
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of enteric infection by protozoa. Encysted protozoa
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aberrant vessel that vessel might play an important
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can be recognized by its odor especially upon heating there
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tion of some of our sage suspicions in a general re
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at the nasal portion of the conjunctiva and a slight
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ways be afraid of it but having thoroughly controled his mouth as
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ously in both ventricles. When intoxication is pro
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This fluke is parasitic in the duodenum of man and is
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Colt alone upon the floor and proceed in the following manner. First
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extracts might be well treated by grafts of healthy
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occurred since the mission started on a tour of the Middle
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pulsive form of epilepsy evinces a concern for elabo
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ment of these lesions. Dakin s solution is too irri
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is danger of explosion if the mixture be heated before the
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pr ecox of spinal lues of paresis leg ulcers and one
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From a topographical point of view the central types
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difficult it is to diagnose correctly any injury in
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supplement the other cells. These are the leucocytes and
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of whiskey will do this easier and probably better
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eczema since slie was three months old. JudRing by the
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she was amenorrheic for six months before coming under
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The JS orristown iPa. Independent says In one Talentine Kittering of Dauphin
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syphihs and the addition of the alkali ehminates similar
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obviously prudent to assail the disease at its origin
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all the specimens removed but no bile occurred. There
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or severe acute tuberculosis deny absolutely the existence
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its action as set forth in this narrative an index of
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stitial vascular neurosyphilis malving a mixed clini
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acum and ginger in powder of each oz. Make into balls with a
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with the greatest anxiety watched the result of the
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source of supplies for the other laboratories under
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of it is already under way. The Naval Hospital at Ports
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calculation of total solids lactometer method test for for
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ing supertherapeutic resourcefulness for the relief
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elected a foreign member of the French Academy of Med
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of the six chapters pages the first chapter only thirty
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lymphocytosis are characteristic of influenza. They
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over a black background or with a hand lens. The portions
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orrhea were kept in the hospital until there was no
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erty together with social organization and harmony
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