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    exact depth at which the foreign body is located is
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    be carefully centered. It is nearly always necessary to
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    three cases died in the school itself a mortality of
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    Throats. Oilsof sassafras origanum juniper and hemlock of eacli l oz. trongspiTits
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    been especially true in the direction of biology and
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    or rather which lie at the base of every functional
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    ply fifty calories daily per jjound of body weight
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    iodine fumes the ulcer was about three c uarters its
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    All authorities seem to agree that the cause for the
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    Medicine under the superb leadership of Dr. Joseph Ross. Hines
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    been done. decided upon then very few if any of these
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    The apparatus and reagents listed here are sufficient
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    fluid proved to be sterile. While patient was still under
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    Heart sounds were not very distinct embryocardia over
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    merely an evidence of diminished acidity of the urine or
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    cians under nfty five years of age. who are without an obvious
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    compartment when a cell is classified. When a conve
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    it is better to wait until it has subsided and then
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    in these cases are usually emptv and irritated caus
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    cells pus corpuscles red blood corpuscles crystals bac
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    The cart having been made and you having aLso Handled your
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    ment of cough and shortness of breath physician suspected
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    very satisfactory substitute for the autoclave. It costs
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    of brigadier general. In the National Army for each
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    This fact assumes special importance at the present
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    condenser coincides with the real field of the objective
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    test for gastric cancer Hun toon s method for spores
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    presses itself in the power of contraction and expan
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    of phosphorus and a small quantity of sodium chlor
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    Tile general results of treatment of acute anterior
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    cept the tachycardia itself is characteristic of most
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    five hours after the administering of the barium meal. The patient
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    neys although its elimination also occurred chiefly
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    will not use ordinary precautions to safeguard those
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    vised but was declined by the patient. Here we have dis
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    droplets and fat crystals starch granules g chlorophyl containing vegetable mat
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    gests the use of chloralose as anesthetic in cases of
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    fected tonsils were constantly relapsing to an anemic
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    We know that deep abscess of the pelvirectal tissues is
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    dren. Three hundred Russian refugees are also being
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    publishers are not responsible for money sent by unregis
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    period the results are disastrous and always end in
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    where especially the sequestration of the directive
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    ilar injection repeated four days later will result
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    rious local anesthetic agents on sensory nerve fibres
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    with an iritis or hyperemia of the iris. I recall the
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    ity of the toxemia. In the case with the lowest fall
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    the recruiting depot if the civilian doctor has over
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    tions. The so called bronchial antiseptics tar creo
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    quently Urinary history normal menses irregular during
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    cause has first been sought and yet it is no uncommon
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    or drops from the pipet wipe off its tip and then place
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    after the injury motor recuperation was almost com
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    Soutli Devonshire coast. The hospital is the former coun
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    to the urine. Even if not used routinely this test should

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