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rather to a more careful and searching attack on the

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tion is secured by the tilting of the pelvis through

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be then the dose of strophanthin is temporarily in

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patient is really suffering with a degree of dementia

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more severe Treatment as the hlistering w ould seem to indicate. And

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the symptoms of the disease it is logical to suppose

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rence of a very slender spiral micro organism in the

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an organ the pennies he collected forming his living.

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sic purposes. Doubt can only arise as between the pro

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especially apt to occur in severe cases where there

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tous area slightly smaller than a silver half dollar.

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the arterial fell. All increase in intracranial pres

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ported following accidental injury to the sinus dur

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luteum persists at full activity apparently for about

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is better to use normal salt solution. The easiest way

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called the amboceptor or tween body. It is relatively

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abandon the habit yet it must be done or no hopes of improvement

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kidney. It involved the larger portion of the ureter

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alternating with marked constipation. Had lost fifteen

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would infallibly bring about the death of the patient

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There was severe lumbar backache attributed to tl e

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as exclusive feeding of cereal grains like oats and

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formances which seemed for a time to satisfy his desires.

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des Hopitaux de Paris at a recent meetnag elected the fol

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fact increase it. This finds practical demonstration

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clined to try either one of the direct methods again

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methyl green are especially satisfactory for this pur

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in its final analysis is practically alike at all periods

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high protein content of the dried milk makes desira

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it approached in its clinical appearance a pernicious

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ful study both in its broad perspective and because of the

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by volunteering to accept summary punishment at the

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negative in the other. There were no spirochetes in

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helped to clear the way to a more valuable therapy.

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cover glasses are of uneven surface and should not be used

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Caum had unsuccessful results in three cases in the

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of incomplete stricture at the beginning of the esophagus

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use indicated at some stage in the progress of treat

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self suggests an indefinite composition inconijjatible

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gests the use of chloralose as anesthetic in cases of

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sider this part of the treatment of rheumatism as a

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the points consecutively applied at five eighths of an inch

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million men four major generals and eight brigadier gen

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never touched each other. In the British sector for

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