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or who at least has not had an attack of tonsillitis
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gated along scientific lines. Very little of the avail
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drop method and places him on the table at an angle
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Senior assistant physician Rome State Custodial Asy
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tinguished from hematuria or blood in the urine which
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sticky mixture of phlegm and blood and. as the disease progresses
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Egypt called for the creation of materialistic con
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and I c.c. of a mixture of equal parts of concentrated
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time receiving instruction in general military matters as
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same disadvantages in that the vessels of the donor
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and is not displaced during lateral inclination of the
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April he reported that he could eat without any dis
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The colonies are difficult to see without a hand lens.
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mortality of between fourteen and fifteen per cent.
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lactic bacteriotherapy should be essayed by surgeons
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strophanthus has no doubt played an important part
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passing large quantities of low specific gravity urine day
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The bulk of routme work is done with central illumi
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in the majority of instances is not a local affection
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The book consists of eighteen lectures given at the Hotel
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leukocytosis for more than a short time. It is probable
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do not last. If ever they are to become fit for service
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excellent illustration is the accumulation of leukocytes
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tion of the nervous system but it is apparently only
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for the last quarter of a century. The study of the
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terial from the upper air passages can usually be iden
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mucous anesthesia of the area innervated by the in
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across buttocks eighteen. Perspiration of feet profuse
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ferred by the mother but this generally disappeared
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of the head. If I inflate my lungs to repletion and
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in sputum which has remained in the body for a consider
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patient should be instructed to void all the urine during
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ing satisfaction and which authorities said enhanced
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Best Material of Which to MaUe Them. Considering the cost of Material
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writer wishes to safeguard against any such assump
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iii certainly a most excellent work. I know of none better.
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day the fall in the titre is temporarily arrested after
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remarkable fall in systolic blood pressure the dias
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tion induced an initial fall in temperature of from
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munis in the second case the extensor carpi radialis
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sioner on board they may even detain them if the gravity
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Klopper The Practicability of the Modification of the Lavatory
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centrifugalized and i or c.c. of the sediment injected
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as long as signs of life are present. Even in cases
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azobenzol. In the presence of free hydrochloric acid there
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eral would give the service the benefit of his knowl
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Patients with relaxation and laceration of tlie gen
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to have observed them even in the first year of the
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ciently long after the accident to determine the final
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and wheat. Alone it is not capable of supplying the

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