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which is outlined in Article V of the Manual of the

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screening was essential to protect food. In addition

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INER An Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands in

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It makes no attempt to indicate histogenetic relation

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His wife is insured against the expense of her con

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tion and applied with slight pressure over the area

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practically fifty per cent of all candidates volun

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heavy trace of albumin with casts. There is no peripheral

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Article. The protection to which hospital ships and

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instructions accompany each instrument. The chief differ

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if the location of the pain coincides with the point

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the right thing to do. But if one did not go because

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Karpas major in the United States Army Medical Corps by whose

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that of bronchial spirochetosis the bloody expector

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should have put the doctor on his guard at once the pres

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the BoOers and how their formation maybe prevented. Both dissolved and suspended

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has.gained an additional five pounds with complete relief

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fluid will often coagulate. This occurs especially in the

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strapped vip which is probably the projier one to fasten up at least

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variations ought to have some effect on experiments.

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and the afebrile course of celiac disease make it re

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continued use we can control the.spasm and pain. Ansesthesia sleep or insensibility

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Rheumatism are nearly always at fault besides making a means of

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before an operation was brought about but perseverance and after

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in sputum which has remained in the body for a consider

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Canada balsam in x dol necessary only when permanent

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quite unimpeachable even in their most secret think

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the spirit of English medicine at the farewell dinner

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product by to give the number of grams of ammonia in

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in order to provide for the health needs of the military

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period is six ounces and the total caloric value is

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personnel including the retired list it will be seen

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sufficiency this always gives a blue color which begins

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out adding acid to boiling. In the meantime wash the


contagious diseases. His communication appeared at the

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necessary opium or morphine may be given internally to help allay

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degree of insnlficiency. Urine contained a marked trace

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whole for sore throat is valuable also putting or drops of the oil

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stock. Wright s most recent directions for its prepara

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tion of the ear revealed a suppurating otitis media.

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ears and yet only a very few had defective hearing.

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there is an urgent necessity for the enactment of this

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Two slide Method. Take a small drop of blood upon a

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goitre is divisible. One feels that in both groups

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influenza since the epidemic began. During the first

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radium alone was sufficient to relieve the patient.

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the army as enlisted men shall be examined for promotion.

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while deprecating the practice of accepting as proof

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twice would be fifths per cent times would be fifths. per cent times

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in which they show that the method of testing gives

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fifteen drop doses of the tincture three times a day

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