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suture of the incision is made in three layers without

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is still infected and giving rise to a dirty secretion.

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presented a marked and long lasting dermography the

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normal heart is as great an asset as we have toward

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left side of the chest anteriorly was more prominent

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cardiac excitability is observed particularly in the

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to him and upbraided him for his insolence saying How

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marked flexor flexion m.ovements the leg and thigh being

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occurring along the course of the descending colon.

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and in particular ouabain asserts that digitalis clin

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workers these of all the patients returned the most

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pointed from the IMedical Corps of the regular army.

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sible perforation the patient suffered from an acute

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lower portion of the rectum is formed by the union of the

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City Island and give part of his time to the inspection of

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typical eruption of measles had developed with all the

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produces a cutaneous reaction in syphilis similar to the

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Present history. Nine weeks before admitted left wrist

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It is best however to examine several drops and when

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a practice to inject two or three mils of antipneumo

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by gentle heat to about half its volume boiled for a few

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clude another. A patient with flat foot for indeed she

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cavity of the pleura and introduce air in the cavity

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color denotes the presence of salicyluric acid. It appears

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McLaughlin assistant surgeon general of the United States

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between the claAvs in the same way is considered an excellent application.

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exertion. The functional thrill is characterized by

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is lighter in color or white. This Worm infests the small intestines

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persons exhibit no such reaction. This is utiUzed in

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following shock and head injuries. It may also occur

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cellent immediate results. Soon afterwards he returned how

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