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seven cases all displayed clinically signs of active

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and is a curious limping gait which develops in ar

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ing into and establishing colonies and clinics in con

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tion of phosphoric acid but usually merely indicate that

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which acidosis is present. The ingestion of alcohol

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Sputum Mucopurulent colorless negative for tubercle

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Patients with relaxation and laceration of tlie gen

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regular to and fro motion instead of the irregular lash

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turbinals were removed and from that moment on he was


reserve in the serum affords useful prognostic indi

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transmission of voice sounds over areas where it is

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addition until a permanent red brown color best seen against

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formed by him in the Hospital Provincial in Valencia and

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protein to be tested. If the patient is sensitive a

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This has also been found very useful in scattering or curing in

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nearly or quite covers the disk and that none of it runs over

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besides the expectorant Treatment the vapor of vinegar and water

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action and perhaps other evidences of syphilis and.

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of which is of uniform caliber and the bottom of which is

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acidosis the following mixture proves most efficient

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the operation is finished. During Caesarean section

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plies including artificial limbs trusses and similar

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tutes were prevented from interstate and intrastate

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ally ran a fairly rapid course. In Joplin where the

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system as the left ventricle does into the svstemic

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For instance syphilis of the lungs might be mistaken

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due to chronic tuberculosis. Observe the position of the

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times accompanies glycosuria in diabetes. An obscure

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tified from the large proportion of mucus and the char

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who told him that the verti.go was merely nervousness.

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of the sixteen military divisions of the country. The gov

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sion that he had left soft bone and closed it in the

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or else to incomplete removal. Upon standing it sepa

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age is not sufficient in the majority of cases since

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the effect is so marked that they do not at all object

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predisposing cause. Acquired syphilis has been men

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many times been mistaken for Treponema pallidum. It

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compared to the enlargement by stretching in all direc

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chronic gastritis or when contaminated by a consider

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osis is rather easily overlooked it should be exam

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