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rapid action on the throat lesions in quite a number

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to discover either induration or cicatricial nodule.

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the oil disappeared to a great extent. Mineral lubri

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sec nd street Philadelphia Pa. No prize was awarded

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cent observers however have failed to note an acid

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hot water. It will keep any length of time if kept corked. Tallow

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occur from general conditions that similarly affected

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intestinal disturbances lactic bacteriotherapy is the

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from the continuous instillation. Principles of this

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with freedom until the next day. Major Russell made an

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results the authors say that this work bears out the

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patients should be kept under strict military regi

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slab with a hole in it as is often seen in Europe at

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has been little or no advance in the methods of the

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high as. Microscopic examination of the gastric resi

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rickets and gastroenteric infections were met with

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been three or four cases of parotiditis. These sup

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qnd have not stressed their correlation with a com

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death we were able to obtain a pure culture of this

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losinsj her position because of her deafness. There was

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investigation in the laboratories of the University

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Medical Service Corps provided he is not already com

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brucine paralyze peripheral nerve cells and describes

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made out the card will be mailed by the sick person or

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ing any considerable quantity of urea in it see p..

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