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I present this subject not because of the rarity of

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orderlies to direct traffic and maintain order. Each

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tive effects the white plaster is equally as powerful

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pensates to a large extent for the damaging effects

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is clearly seen. The fine adjustment should he used only

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little or nothing excepting as they furnish a means of

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employed instead of decinormal thus ensuring greater accu

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may prove as good as any. If need be however the rheubarb may

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ing found partial fasting or short periods of total

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there I take the report from the Eclectic Medical Journal of Cincinnati

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rary until the vacancies in the lower grades are filled

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the conditional suggestions are found to be applica

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a primarily sutured wound the inoculations are made

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an animal that dieth of itself or is torn by beasts.

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the digestive glands salivary gastric intestinal as

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of a small manual on Heart Sounds and Murmurs Their

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has been carried over into the acid. This will require from

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surgery and points out that all procedures have their

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making any quantitative test allowance being made for

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erately severe uncomplicated case of the first group

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stetrician not only for his own district but for the

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In films stained by these methods tubercle bacilli

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M e have believed that a maintenance of nutritional

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not be exposed to steam for more than twenty minutes

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quently present and is very significant of the disease.

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into the circulation are of greater therapeutic as

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the motlier died from cystic suprarcnals with symptoms of

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cut into strips may be used but the test is much less delicate

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oxygen sufficient to burn up the toxins or bacteria

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In the case of research the investigators were interested in the

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which then is thrown into the balance in the concluding

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a free flagellum. These details of structure are well

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for flying duties most heavily in the case of candidates

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pation auscultation percussion. Inspection and pal

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policy and partly at least to the conception of con

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was made assistant chief surgeon of the American Expe

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and cattle in the Philippines East India and Africa.

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tensive adherent cicatrices and this cicatricial tissue

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be mistaken chnically for tuberculosis and they should

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reversion to the simpler type of phasic reflex viz.

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time beating war is on with these people of the pure

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lost their patients but luckily for the speaker his

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the manifold purposes of the alkaline colon irriga

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ing of pins and needles in the arms and legs a rash

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elicited even in the chronic cases when the pain is

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becomes rapidly and strongly positive as the general

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authorized and required to wear the insignia of the Corps.

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