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ease deserves greater attention and its role in some
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tion in Dermatology and Syphilis Medical Society of Harlem
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tioner not for the trained laboratory worker. It had
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velops it should far better be omitted. One does not
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Fig.. Segments of i Taenia saginata Dibothriocephalus latus Taenia
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ing at each apex both in front and behind. Tuberculosis
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in these areas have constituted the majority of these
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inspection enforcement of sanitary and safety laws
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sometimes continues so long that it becomes necessary to make an ori
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ber of similar organisms have been described as occurring
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out if we are not continually trying to disprove the
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colic local tenderness and the general reflex gastro
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chetes are distinguished from others by their gracile
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cent observers however have failed to note an acid
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In addition we have convened a panel of experts who were not
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on mixed treatment and the cast was discarded. In three
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in most cases of gastric cancer and far advanced chronic
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of protracted sleeplessness and irritability of the
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mand for hospital facilities on the other side will be
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