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potash will equal if not exceed any other diuretic in this difficulty.

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tract. Clinically it is apparent that the tonsils play

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This fluke is parasitic in the duodenum of man and is

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creases any trace of either present in the original solu

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pear in the feces. They are yellowish brown oval oper

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gloves are replaced by fresh ones the original open

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mouth is suggestive so is the tendency of the cuta

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learned by our allies from their blunders successes

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upon these organs. Cause these diseases but violent exercise and vio

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the superficial tissues pus tract and deep recesses

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creased through the bringing of all men to a higher

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stances of acute suppurative processes particularly

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acter would be conclusive. It is admissible that cir

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scientific and practical journals which were inter

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too large the blood will spread out so as to present only

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mucli resembled that disease of the horse. A cup shaped sponge

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Toisson s. Both of these have high specific gravities so that

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principles of plastic and oral surgery as applied to

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Initially as you have heard radioiodine was employed for the di

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If vou feel sick all over with chilliness or achina of the

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but in so far as they are instrumental in the forcing

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and definitely artificial feeding and Part IV nutri

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For the Association for Relief of Respectable Aged Indigent

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for all states is urged and also for municipalit Cs. It con

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teristic bluish white opalescence. Frequently there

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Women s Overseas Hospitals will continue in active serv

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