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tertiars period particularlv involvement of the cen

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attended with hltle or no danger if ordinary care is

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the right antrum which I believe is a polyp. The sphenoidal

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bath or the usual Sweating process which see and follow it up with

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logical serum while as a hemostatic agent it is one

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cal training and the p ractical work given to nurses


of blood into the syringe indicates that the technic

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I say patient because one who is in this condition although he or

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under their own heads. See Erysipelas for a description of true In

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of office with the full assurance that the future of

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F irrar will read a paper on Epidemics Countries Nomen

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minutes according to the intensity of the staining desired.

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a trifle more plainly. It is this which she seeks. But

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whispered resonance direct conscript to take just suffi

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have to consider compensation and I want to be able to look at

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passage of the instnunent is at all difficult a sondr

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amount of the teachings of the medical and surgical

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pollicis or of the extensor brevis pollicis such re

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in the muscles. Durmg the diarrheal stage adults may

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child which was operated on at six weeks of age for

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ones self perfectly clean has led to this disease which is confined to

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blood pressure is high or other signs suggestive of

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high the toes are lifted and the whole limb is thrown

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for six months when again stricken with cramplike pains

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plete. Otherwise the boihng for five minutes in volumes

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are secondary to pathological conditions in the nose.

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for Europe has resigned to accept a staff appointment in

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be increased according to the provisions of the present law

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near cities obtained connections with the pipe mains.

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on each side to the end of the fracture. After this

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containing traces of cyanamide intravenous injection

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each serum to be tested should be left without sub

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the physicians of the city who gave a luncheon in his

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point. The editors of the new journal are Dr. Jacques Loeb

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night is found again filled with bile the next morn

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Handsome octavo pages with ilhistrations in colors.

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the normal rhythm but is readily dift erentiated by

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time of the paroxysm and constitute one of the most

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Mr Secretary what is the VA s timetable for its internal inves

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has separated spontaneously five or six hours transfer

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Behrend was there history of several attacks of ap

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treatment is applied that is to say when the lesion

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sufficiently strong to destroy a virulent strain of the

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the fever lasts. In typhoid fever the convalescence is rapid

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Literature Science and the Arts the Department of Medicine and Surgery and the

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breakdown or not. This is a frequent concomitant of con

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