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only. The alkah solution also serves to correct old
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ing obstacles. A condition of permanent stability in
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its presence is a grave symptom and often forewarns of
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case of chronic dyspepsia it should be kept in mind
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sence of gauze to tie his handkerchief over his nose
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modification of t ie manifestations of gas gangrene
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see the infant child of another Philadelphia physi
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have had pleurisy when upon careful inquiry we learn that
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laid down from exhaustion or want of breath some times in the
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keep the disease to the surface and but little danger need be feared.
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indicated special schools for the blind deaf ortho
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day evenings. One of the physicians said that the Grand
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six years. For the last two years had had attacks of
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severity of the patient s symptoms and the insignifi
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four or five days of the first injection. Coincident
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lactose reduces copper more slowly than glucose and
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will be sent to sanatoria and of course every effort
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many a perplexity. If a fissure at the angle of the
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enucleating both the faucial tonsils and thoroughly

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