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in one fourth of the cases of appendicitis in children

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nished with a full correction of its refractive error.

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tains not only the influenza bacillus but likewise the

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Fig. Method of drawing blood into the pipet Boston.

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pure nephrosis cases also showed a uric acid reten

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cause the blood cells are included and in obviating

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medicated vaginal douches are useful in the pallia

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case the ferments may then be identical in part at least

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distressing. Jaundice of a mild type is occasionally

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pneumonia. The ship surgeon reported that three deaths

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person of some volunteer desiccated placental tissue draw

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plus one half of a large or one whole small mashed

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and bacteria which are capable of sphtting proteins as

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no reason why we should stint ourselves in the con

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chased opera glasses which he used even when his seat

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Arsenic. Rcinsch s Test. Add to the urine in a test

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dentition including the deciduous with their anoma

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psychology if it is his wish to reach a cure for his

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to examine into the subject of narcotics and habit form

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must affect the free flow of cerebrospinal fluid in

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risen to F. R and all symptoms were intensified the

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fatal results from intravenous strophanthin therapy

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bandage to the upper arm after cleansing the flexor

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soon prefer it and pass most of the daytime in this

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States and the West Indies. In Porto Rico per cent

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tive throat congested. A diagnosis of grippe was made.

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in Fig. in each corner of the large square. Four columns

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ing but the truth. We owe them proper redress for any harm that

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since the separation of Church and State schools for

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could barely cross a room if she felt herself under

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They are colorless pointed often needle like crystals

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is advocated. It is also advised that this solution

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to twenty five c. c. of blood are drawn from the vein

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finger and middle finger which grasp it as one would a

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The cost of warfare of the destruction of men mounts

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able. Corte.x and medulla are well differentiated and

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retinitis are no indication of the condition of the

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bad been milder and had lasted but one week. After that

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