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    countries especially in Samoa the West Indies Central

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    of ten cases of aortic insufficiency it was negative.

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    possible and the scar will not touch the sole of the

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    not necessarily so bacteriologically. Daily diminu

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    a positive Wassermann reaction it was best to wait

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    effort would be made to educate the lay public which

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    who works for a certain wage is to be forced to take

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    read at the afternoon session are Unusual and Interesting

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    the ganglia and kills usually in less than two years.

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    we must use as little wheat as possible but there is

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    will rarely leave one in doubt as to the localization

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    ized cooperative undertakings like the camp and com

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    quently mistake vegetable tissue for intestinal parasites

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    a paper on the Disinfection of the Nasopharynx in In

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    posures to cold even for some considerable time after the disease has

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    inimical. The latter is net so directly in the service of

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    possible for the comfort and welfare of the enlisted

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    dences of tuberculosis in other organs of the body.

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    years of age of nephritis. The patient had measles at

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    patients had had signs over the chest or shadows in

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    plexy which see. If there is spasms of the muscles contortions of

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    ing some extensive sores with remarkable rapidity and inducino a healing action in

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    definite conclusions but the careful analysis of the

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    in the triple valve of an air brake. This pressure is

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    for so many failures which with prompt Treatment would have been

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    and excoriation are modified by feeding large quanti

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    met with an instance in a little girl five years of

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    a sterile scissors or scalpel after searing the sur

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    nastics. It was in line with that plan so frequently

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    instillation or spraying. In beginning treatment of

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    issued an order amending paragraph in the army regula

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    year old and one cubic centimetre in older children.

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    not particijiate in the activities of several difTerent

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    exciting causes include anything which irritate the

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    tor influence. He might have added something still fur

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    an occasional oil globule or cell either adhering to them

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    habitual retraction of the long ears of the wild rab

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    are paid only for such time as they put in on active

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    side other railings divide off the passage for out

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    sputum. Disinfectants should not be added. Although

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    ent some idea of keeping these patients quietly rest

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    ized tipon the basis of an intelligent study of the

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    efficient Care should be exercised to guard against adulterations.

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    yond the age of fifty five should raise suspicion of

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    in contact with the tissues everywhere. This dress

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    tions wounds of the head face chest and abdomen and

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    special orders direct from the commissioner s office.

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    man able to do something sitting up in bed. A great

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    not yet described. It can be demonstrated by dilut

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    The test can be made more definite by adding the caustic

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    substantiated by demonstrable results in the crucible

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    of the middle term or amboceptor. It may be apphed to

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    rubbed up with the alcohol in a porcelain dish or mortar with

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    the leader in it and particularly of late in conse

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    states the infant has had eczema since birth that she is

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