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For centuries the fields of Flanders have been sub
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vaccines. It causes no disturbing general effect nor
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only need be given here Wright s stain Harlow s stain
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outer dressing is changed every second or third day
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ease there are unquestionably ninety nine who know too
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week or so but in tuberculosis the condition remains un
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follow up I wrote to Secretary Perry and asked him to sit down
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covery wa.s progressive delayed only by the formation of abscesses and great soreness
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eelsus who Webster says liked to coin arbitmry and unmeaning names Sprf
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and clinical to the effect that such a difference in
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tology which in the cases under consideration gives
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glands hernia digestion nose throat and teeth. This
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abattoirs. They are fixed in fifty per cent alcohol
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that v ould threaten to impair a medical man s standing in
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or torn a high amputation of the cervix will convert
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clinical hierarchy and the development and subsequent approval of
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each fifth day for a period of thirty five days the
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speed for about fifteen minutes. The chloroform will go to
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subject was discussed by Dr. David R. Lyman president
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largely a result of deciduous dental sepsis. I feel
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most frequent causes for rejection are chronic phar
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the fact that the first issue may have been satisfac
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advice especially when infections prevail otherwise
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The studies were conducted in an open clinical setting with the
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sent cylindrical structures filled with mucus and lined
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tor influence. He might have added something still fur
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the property will be available for Government work in
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tervals and has noticed various contortions and po
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any ameliorism such as is contained in the prospec
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the vomiting finally diarrhea distended bowels small quick and feeble pnLse cold and
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sediment can be obtained with the centrifuge. Upon the
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said to do things that make the conservative physi
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Lungs are aftected to make himself the most comfortable finds it
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if the hygienic treatment failed. December S Left hmg
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etic gait. It is however easily differentiated from
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such conditions as the Director General of National
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eyeball is not characteristic. More reliable and con
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The data contained in this contribution are printed
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largest calibre steel sound which is capable of pass
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following page is a recapitulation of the method of
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analysis of the litcrnture divides the cases into two
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culation and innervation. Pathological studies after

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