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met. During spontaneous remissions during treatment

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tions in regard to variation in virulence of bacteria

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salpinx. The opposite ttibe in those cases was col

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cences. While that is true of most people especially is it true of

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for a long time with an abdominal ascites and chylu

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cess than eclampsia. Tlie symptoms therefore are not as


no breath sounds no rales. Right lung flat but no suc

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tunately a frequently fatal complication in spite of

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a portion of the clot and carrying it into the general

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consider that the deprivation of the civilian hospitals of

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eliminated water well salt with some difficulty and

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bed and keeping up a perspiration by applying heat to the feet and

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edema congestion bronchitis and frequently in chronic

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diabetes in practice are actually cases of renal glyco

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It is only cm. long. It dies soon after the female is

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cases it is characteristic enough to stamp itself in

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atrophy of the optic papilla has not yet taken place.

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Doctor Melgar s work are cases of anaphylaxis lack of

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teriological research detailed in its report of method

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observed and where many of the cells contain engulfed

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before death those gifted with second sight or per

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of three months reporting the results to the medical

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except to give myopic glass of lo D. I could obtain

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solution which distinguishes them from Leptothrix huc

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this applies to the neuritides of spinal distribution

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doctor and the vocational officer as soon as the pa

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tifully and clearly demonstrated by moving pictures

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colleagues called my attention to the boy who sat staring

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found to be suffering from multiple fractures of all four legs its

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F ig.. Sediment from acute hemorrhagic nephritis Red blood corpuscles leukocytes

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greatest interest has centred about those located in

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