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served in any wars in which the United States has been

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him get the boy and put the robber in prison and put him

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of life. In patients who had a distinct heredity the

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It is safe to say that singers never contract tuber

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she once more became free of attacks. I have now lost

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Three Hundred and Sixty two Illustrations. Philadel

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ger and the cyanosis can be relieved by the inhalation

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be glad to give further information regarding these lec

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that of a movable hospital. Notwithstanding these and

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of water and pour slowly into the first solution stirring con

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those accepted for special and limited service or do

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sutures should be used. The prepatellar and capsular

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Joint Diseases Attending Surgeon West Side Hospital Instructor

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was charged with responsibility for the placing back

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a light hammer and tap gently upon the hoof when raised as if

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Fig. represents the iron part of the pad before it is covered

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fectly healthy except for their disability. It was the

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that unhappy measure we shall be compelled to acknowl

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not due to the quantity introduced as at the end of

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brainstem or cord give the clinical picture of para

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pinching near its center and rinse the upper end inside

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onstrated by the fact that at Camp Upton the record

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of the entire constitutional makeup of the organism.

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promptly as possible to hospitals where an effort is

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J. Randaline and J. de Poliakoff Bulletin dc I Aca

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sides the undoubted influence this method of control

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clusive on left. On the remainder of the limbs L V to

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nite signs of heart disease such as murmurs or pro

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The cord is liable to a variety of injuries. It may

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cal inspection and treatment carried on by the medi

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tion in the present war the records of the American

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From this it appears that the deaths occurring in the

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The only explanation of the susceptibility to tuber

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taken from the most highly inflamed portions of the

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the standpoint of the effect of the drug on the dura

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transverse process could be felt. This was removed en

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