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ners. Although Oldendorf didn t win a Nobel Prize he was
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the means of correcting this very grave fault. As a
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etiology and symptoms of these affections and to de
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Reese Hospital Chicago Illinois Corresponding Secre
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ceptions. It is slower in passing off in long stand
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great blood vessels and the rest of the mediastinum
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reactions resemble rather the nitritoid attacks which
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the male in fact this is a practical clinical diag
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gated the value of infusions of the several portions
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ing two to five grains of sodium bicarbonate to each
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the eves much irritation sight being slightly impaired
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science for not only was he possessed of unusual attainments but
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ice as pilots after such a breakdown if at all prolonged.
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joints should be kept at rest during acute pain but
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section are of infinitely greater use than an ampu

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