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mated within eleven days of death the urea nitrogen

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air. Thus a rhinitis sicca is produced with or with

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hours. Complained of pain in right inguinal region and

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diseases there was more or less inflammation of the

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a large percentage of the cases the patients showed

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small enough to go through the circular opening of the

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minal cardiovascular sclerosis with fixed heart block. He

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of the dilated heart muscle to its previous condition

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pulsive form of epilepsy evinces a concern for elabo

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the output of urobilin is increased in experimental

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different features depending upon the origin of the

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possibility of the breeding of flies and mosquitoes.

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day and in the evening he would attend to it certainly but the

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further spread of the diseases c. establishment of free

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is common. In both conditions chemic tests will show

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required. If the edema of the lungs is in the serious

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ris Jacob Karpas Medical Reserve Corps U S. Army of

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nary vessels in full doses and according to Cushny

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a recognized medical school and they must also have had special

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case there would be an expansion of the cases which would

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had for the Paris workers an entire floor of a large

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considerable variation among individuals. As seen in

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were markedly limited. Inguinal glands were enlarged.

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were in a state of marked spasm the sphincters and levator

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