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tuberculous conditions. During the past year or two
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tions in the effect of digitalis on the muscle. Ac
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affect the result. Two pipets like those shown in Fig.
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be discharged and that when the burden is lightened
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ing protected by towels or a large apron and his head
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by the consideration that during practically all these
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three times a day was tried. No particular symptoms
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air are directed into the lower then the middle and
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mucous discharge from the posterior pharynx. No partic
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therapy of meningitis individual peculiarities of dif
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A. R. Elliott Publishing Company or by registered mail as
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functional reeducation of disabled soldiers sailors and
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Such being the terrible consequences of an indulgence for any
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fort like that of vaccination for smallpox. The de
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that it will be acceptable to the intestinal glands
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time bubbles begin to form. Since the intensity of the
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injection as soon after the initial one as possible and
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investigators incline to the belief that for general
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as they correct and carry off any acidity of the stomach and bowels.
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mucus and in men frequently with a few spermatozoa.
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went thence to the evacuation hospital some distance
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tered areas were found e. g. at levels ranging from
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the female. In a few cases the female is viviparous in
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gated the value of infusions of the several portions
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