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five or six drops of hydrogen peroxide solution are

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of acidosis are accurate but difficult for the ordinary

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plus the emotional conflicts to which attention has

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globules which it is impossible to avoid when remov

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the treatment of gastric ulcer as based on the newer

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too late for the military authorities to adopt some

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a little of the tallow which sooths the Irritation and in the morning

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assumed since it is probable that nuclei can be digested

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he believes to be explained under such an hypothesis as

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side for the greater portion of the day after the case became severe.

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first whether we are dealing with a unilateral miosis

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cider vinegar neutralized the alkali and restored the color in a mo

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notics is often more efficacious than one singly and

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tion of the abdominal muscles from asserting itself

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is not lasting. Intravenous injection is unsafe as it

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blistered part gently with warm water and dry with a dry cloth then

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necessary securing of material animal inoculations

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four injections were attended by very marked symptoms

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ordinarily not to be recognized except by their staining

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nomena remain limited to those of the latent phase.

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by electricity for its psychic effect are successful.

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In the severer forms the same rules applied as were

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are the common deposits of acid urines the others are

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W. W. Keen of Philadelphia Lieutenant Colonel Charles

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form their chief source. They reduce copper strongly

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dimethylamido azobenzol has been added A A after titration with a

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to the needle. Pressure or suction within the bottle

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usually bad. The higher the figures the sooner does

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are always compelled to yield coming down upon the single foot for

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common several organisms are present in the sputum

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monic patches coalesce into larger areas. The vocal

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with the eye alone indicate rupture of an abscess into

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Patients with relaxation and laceration of tlie gen

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had been held until recently that most of the cases

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field for the flexor flexion reflex of which the Bab

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On the advice of neighbors she stopped the medication

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upper intestine and a dark brown or bright red as the

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low power of the microscope. Coagulation has occurred when

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Material for examination must be collected mider abso

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section g of the selective draft act of May author

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TOAST WITH INDIAN liKEAl gt Place qts. of milk over the fire. When

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disks red when viewed by reflected Hght or in thick layer

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bromite method. To obviate injury to the si lt in in

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my research experience in metabolic diseases which required labo

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explanations in connection with the Pom. db Restorative French below

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found shock occurs after such injuries the ligature

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either streptococci or diphtheria bacilli. In diagnosing

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