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They are present in the blood in such small numbers

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before using. After the blood is placed in the counting

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ing to all except children and he says he is aston

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must have a six hundred bed hospital in double quick

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negative and the patient has not had sufficient treat

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already employing disabled men that the latter were

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have entered the base hospitals with conical stumps

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expensive but it contains pages and there is no other work

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hitherto levelheaded subject. This deplorable state

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aiJi lication of these principles had caused a revolu

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far as space permits we review those in which we think

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an antiseptic must not of course be used for this purpose.

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requirements of civil life so that he might return to

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then the arterial blood from the left ventricle di

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of the salt solution from one of the lo c.c. salt tubes is

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nine years of age jumped from a second story window

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may be found in the sputum the most interesting are the

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in a pure culture with the normally present bacteria

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venereal disease existing in the Canadian army were

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in these tracings illustrating the pronounced effect

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the gut the patient temporarily ceased breathing in all

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Ohlorofonn drops in the bottle then put in the water and

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senobenzol IS a safe and effective remedial agent in

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ognized as etiological factors it does not seem quite

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veins about the ankle can be used. Instead of a syringe one

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because of lack of that special knowledge required for their diagnosis and

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and respiration followed by death inside of thirty

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us an insight but a distorted one into the thoughts

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subsided the man was allowed out of bed. He has since

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